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In July 1985, Audi revealed their latest in the Quattro evolution, the S1. It was an impressive car with all it's wings, an aerodynamic development from the former used Sport Quattro. Only 20 cars was built. Although in difficult competition from Peugeot and Lancia - both of whom being mid-engined cars proving succesful in the world rally championship - Audi kept with the philosophy of building rallycars on the same principals of the roadgoing coupes.
Audi Sport Quattro S1


Featuring a revised 20V engine with approximately 550hp, and some testing with the semiautomatic PDK* gearboxed, Audi's only success for the S1 came with Walter Röhrl's win at the San Remo rallye in 1985.
*Porsche Doppel Kopplung


After the 1986 accidents in Portugal and Corsica, Audi retired from Group B, only to follow up on rallying with the Group A Audi 200 turbo in 1987. Audi also gave the S1s a go at the Pikes Peak hillclimb event in the USA, with Bobby Unser in 1986 and Walter Röhrl in 1987.
Some S1s kept in action through European rallycross events, but this came to an halt in 1991 when the homologation ended for the Group B cars.


This webpage tries to provide information about these spectacular cars, a neverending process. Hope you'll enjoy it!
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