SMS Audi S2 Revo Gr. A at the 1993 rally of New Zealand
Sepp Haider in action back in 1993 – courtesy of Stew Wood The Photographer

Initiated by Konrad Schmidt, the Audi S2 coupé is in essence a construction by Schmidt Motorsport and was sought after as a rally successor to the Quattro legacy, in the more constrution true Group A-class and named ‘SMS S2 Revo’.

With Audi on board for manufacturing the homologation basis, Schmidt argued for a bigger turbo than the road-going K24. Audi was however reluctant to let go of the road-going driveability of the production equivalent, and put their foot down. After all, the 90s were focused more on asphalt racers, and rallying was a thing of the past.

Engines were limted to (officially stated) 300 hp with the usage of turbo restrictors under Group A, but there has also been a Group N version from Schmidt Motorsport – silver/red livery was for Group A, where silver/blue was for Group N.

SMS S2 Revo Group N data is unknown to me, but I reckon close to a tuned (268-280 hp) and rally upgraded road car. For SMS S2 Revo Group A, the following is known:

Bore x stroke: 81,0 x 86,4 mm
Power: 292 hp at 6050 rpm
Torque: 380 Nm at 2400 rpm
Wheels: 7J15 with 195/65 (gravel) alternatively 205/65, or 7,75J17 with 215/55 (asphalt)
Brakes: 310 mm front, 315 mm rear
Weight: 1280 kg

SMS S2 Revo Group N in the 1993 rallye of New Zealand
ex-works Quattro privateer Malcolm Stewart racing the Gr. N car in 1993 rally of New Zealand.

The technical build of the S2 coupés from Schmidt was that of a “parts revival”. Suspension was sourced off the Sport Quattro S1 and 200 Gr.A, whilst the engine basis was the conventional 2226 cm3 configuration, as you see in the rare press photo below.

SMS Audi S2 Revo Group A motor
Quite conventional layout, but a guessing game of spotting the special parts and alterations !

An interesting note is that the drivetrain – when the Gr. A finally was homologated with the 6-speed due the late offering in Audi road cars in 1993 – it’s basis was of the S1 and IMSA GTO gearbox with straight cut gears or fully synchronization, TorSen or viscous differentials.

Less fabulous than the Quattro, but this S2 is stunning too!