In 2011 I was invited by my father to a travel to the south of Germany. This would be our boys’ trip to visit the grand automanufacturer’s museums. He’s been on the Audi route since getting his Audi 100 back in ’92, and V.A.G. is what I have grown up with. With all this work here at, I have long time wanted to do this writeup/gallery. Here is a look (exactly) 10 years back in time.

Museum Mobile, Ingolstadt

First up was driving to Ingolstadt and Audi’s Museum Mobile. BAM! What first met us in the piazza was a parked ex-David Sutton rallye Sport Quattro all by itself. As luck would have it, this very day was rigging for the Donau Classic rallye going through Altstadt Ingolstadt. More on that later on. When Audi Tradition then decided to do warm-ups with said rallye Sport, oh lord that is an aural memory for life!

Audi rallye Sport Quattro
Awe at first site, the Group B Sport Quattro

Well inside the Audi Forum Ingolstadt, reception informed us about the guest exhibition at Museum Mobile was something related to Lamborghini, and a lot of specials were at display. I have checked in retrospect, it was named Wunschwirklichkeitsmaschinen.

I interpret that as dream-reality-maschines or wish-reality-maschines, which seems somewhat true, considering it consisted of 400 GT Monza, 400 GT Flying Star II, Miura S (series), Countach LP 400 (series), “ur-Diablo” (P132), Diablo roadster studie, Cala, Acosta (P147), Canot (P147), Concept S and a Murciélago LP 640 Versace.

Lamborghini Miura
The classic Lamborghini above all, the Miura

The Museum Mobile itself is a bit of a static collection, with some changes on the paternoster. I’m not surprised if some of these are ‘old news’ as they are already circulating the internet by others. There are however some nice specials, like the old Audi RS2 limo (IN-C 2246), the ‘Quartz’ Quattro design suggestion, or the Audi Roadjet.

Museum Mobile paternoster

The Donau Classic rallye

Finishing our rounds, and a short lunch later, the Donau Classic entrants started arriving in the piazza. It is an open historic rallye, meaning different brands. And, classic cars never hurt any autophile.

Aui Forum Ingolstadt
The piazza at Audi Forum Ingolstadt

Besides the wide variety of private entrants, Audi Tradition had also brought out some of their goodies. A racing 80 quattro (IN-NN 22), a Sport Quattro and their red Quattro. At the time, a grand blue RS6 made an impression for a Norwegian youngster.

When I look at these photos now though, I realize there were many treats in here. Might be from me maturing too. The 80 quattro though, is not a car I’ve seen Audi Tradition promote much. Racing silver Porsche 356 can’t go wrong either.

Ferrari 208 ?
Oh, hellooo vintage Ferrari !

Audi Forum, Neckarsulm

Further west, south of Frankfurt am Main, Audi Neckarsulm holds a smaller museum. It did hold some more NSU items on display than Museum Mobile.

Audi R8 5.2 V10 in chrome wrapping
Pretty bling Audi 5.2 R8 in blingy surroundings

Downstairs is a customer handover section. This seems also to be reflected on the more modern era selection of cars – in great colors – on display. Not sure, but I imagine Audi Sport also was at the premises.

Porsche Museum, Stuttgart

A short(ish) drive south of Neckarsulm, you’ll find yourself in Stuttgart. And oh boy have Porsche created themselves quite the architectural and automobile experience par none!

Porsche museum, THE museum
Hands down THE auto museum in Germany

You’d be living under a rock if you had no idea about Porsche. Regardless of brand preference, with Porsche’s strong heritage and efforts done in running their classics, a visit is highly fascinating and something I strongly recommended.

Porsche 924 GTR Le Mans
Trans-axle Porsches are lovely – here is a 924 in GTR dressing, for Le Mans nonetheless.