Audi S2

Audi S2 coupé

Audi held no intention of surpassing the ‘soap bar’ Typ 89 Coupé basis with naturally aspirated engines, and the realization of the model really was thanks to the German company Schmidt Motorsport out of Cadolzburg, well tied in with Audi as their privateer supplier of rallye 80s, rallye Quattros and a DTM sattelite team.

Das Schnelle Coupé

SMS Audi 20V Turbo Quattro Coupé – photo courtesy of Konrad Schmidt.

Head-man Konrad Schmidt wanted to fill the void after Group B ended with a new Audi, and set about constructing a more potent Coupé with the mechanicals from an Audi 200 20V, to in the end make a homologation basis for Group A.

Marketed since approx 1989 as Das schnelle Audi Coupé with the naming convention of – hold your breath – SMS Audi 20V Turbo Quattro Coupé, such cars were offered in ginster yellow, tornado red or brilliant black.

From Coupé S2…

Audi got onboard, and so was the start for the Audi Coupé S2 with a visual appearance much like the Audi Coupé 20V. The engine was now the ‘3B’ – pretty identical with the 2226 ccm ‘RR’ from the Audi 200. As Schmidt did it, still featuring 220 hp, 335 Nm and by distributor, running a cross brace integrating a pressure tube up front, and the gearbox was the five-speed version, although the more durable ’01A’.

…to S2 Coupé with siblings

In 1993 things revised for the S2, beyond the adoption of the newer design integrating the grille into the bonnet; from this year until the end of production in 1996, it was offered alongside the limited-numbers limousine and Avant variants, all now sharing the denotion as Audi S2 to keep consistent.

All of these were supplied with the slightly upgraded 2.2T 20V engine similar to that of urS4/S6 – the ‘ABY’ with 230 hp, 380 Nm, by coils and a six-speed gearbox ’01E’.

Performance is specified to the following:
S2 coupe (3B): 0-100km/h on 5.8 sec, topspeed at 246 km/h.
S2 sedan: unknown to me.
S2 Avant: 0-100km/h on 6.1sec, topspeed at 242 km/h.

Special editions (SMS Revo, Abt C5)

Alike the S4/S6, also the S2 was offered in a tuned version by Schmidt Motorsport, as SMS Revo. The Revo-kits were typically built on factory cars, delivered directly to Cadolzburg to be tuned, before being given the customer.

Not sure about the specifics, but it seems to be offered as SMS Revo 264 hp (S2)/268 hp (S4/S6) and SMS Revo 303 hp. I’m guessing the 264/268 hp version is an EPROM only upgrade, whereas the 303 hp kit features a turbo upgrade with the K26 and/or injectors.

Another special build of only 40 units worth mentioning may be the Abt C5. Not only an optimized version of the S2 coupé with its 260~262 hp at 5900 rpm, but noticable in featuring a wide body build with familiarities from the urquattro, consisting of new body panels, bumpers, spoilers and typically one of the Abt wheel options in place. It is said to perform 0-100 km/h in just 6,5 seconds, with a top speed of 250 km/h.

Audi Porsche RS2 / Avant RS2

Audi RS2 in the iconic nogaro blue

As time went on, Audi wanted to take things further towards the end of the period with the first generation 5 cylinders. Porsche was given the task of tweaking the S2 even more, to a high performing vehicle, initially marketed Avant RS2. It was most likly a natural choice of using Porsche due the close relations within the leadership of the VW Audi Gruppe and Porsche, both having collaborated on previous projects. The model designation was now changed from S to RS – or Rennsport in German. All RS2s were fully built at Porsche’s own factory in Zuffenhausen, and are distinct in having a WAC… chassis number.

The RS2 was delivered with a upgraded engine (‘ADU’), featuring a bigger (and slower) KKK K24-7200 turbo, vastly improved exhaust- and inlet manifolds, bigger injectors, 300 kPa sensor, resulting in 315 hp and 410 Nm. This made the upgraded Avant go 0-100 km/h in 4.8 sec. Since being built by Porsche, the RS2 does not include the German agreed top speed-limitation at 250 km/h, hence it’s top speed is of 262 km/h.

Besides the engine, Porsche’s fingerprints are found on several optical and technical changes. The frontbumper had bigger air ducts and integrated turn-signals, the headlamps with DE-lenses, sidemirrors, 7J17 5×130 cup-rims and Brembo-brakes were all from the Porsche 964. The all-reflex bar surrounding the lisence plate and different rear bumper also sets the RS2 apart from the “regular” S2 Avant.

At first only offered in nagaro blue, red and black, the RS2 was later offering more paint colors. Interior-wise it was proper Recaro-seats and a three-spoke steering wheel (1994 version, 1995- got airbag), unique instruments and wood- or carbon details.

Audi RS2 limousine

Only 2981 RS2s was produced. Audi AG even built – claimed two by Audi Tradition – RS2 sedans, one off which bearing the lisence plate IN-C 2246.