Seeing how seasons change, I realized I was in need of a classic Quattro storage cover for the winter season. Bringing the Quattro out this summer, under a pile of dust and thus poor visibility, was no fun on my way to the washer.

Speaking to a Sport Quattro friend, he gave me his recommendation for Classic Additions in the UK for getting a classic Quattro storage cover. So it was!

Soft indoor storage cover for Audi Quattro
Classic Additions’ cover for the Audi Quattro

Not really bothered about having a stretchy type, or having the “mirror mittens”, I opted for the soft indoor version. It made a sane choice for keeping dust and unintended neighbours on a distance with this tarp style version, and I couldn’t be happier with the dispatch time or the quality of this storage cover!

Handy stow away bag for the storage cover
Classic Additions’ cover for the Audi Quattro

Besides having practical zipper access on both sides, it also comes with a nice storage bag to pop in the boot when not in use.

If you do fancy a 80s Audi Sport tricolor or any other print, these guys can sort that out. Of course, you get the stretchy kind and an outdoors version too, and don’t forget to consider their brilliant impact padding to put around your loved one either.