This is my private Audi Quattro, purchased some years ago. It is one of the Swiss edition cars, known as ‘Edition spéciale’. ‘An edition car?’ you might ask.

What is the Audi Quattro Edition spéciale?

  • 1988 model, 200 made for the Swiss market only
  • Holds an individually numbered plaque on the dashboard
  • The plaque says ‘Audi Turbo Quattro, Edition spéciale’
  • ‘WX’ downgraded engine of 162 hp, kept on the 2.1L
  • Black leather interior with many similarities to that of the 20V
Audi Quattro Edition spéciale
The ONLY printed proof of the model I’ve ever found – can you help ?

Limited numbers a section of ’88 VIN range?

Production numbers of 1988 model Quattros are 610 units, covering both general market ‘MB’ and Swiss edition cars. Seemingly the 200 editions cars were picked from running production, meaning there is no known range of chassis numbers identifying a Quattro as edition or not. Audi Tradition certificate or Datenblatt should identify a 1988 chassis for ‘WX’ engine or not though.

  • Chassis 400 – Edition spéciale #111
  • Chassis 475 – Edition spéciale #004

How I consider it

My car came in a very ‘monochrome’ look. Being the ’88, it had all the dark taillights and the factory grey color with light grey turn signals made it a bit dull in the looks of it. Under the bonnet, previous owner had gotten the no longer available Samco hose, cut it, and made room for a dump-valve. Inside most things were stock, except the typical stereo upgrade. Luckily this was professionally mounted in dashboard’s regular position, only affecting the rear shelf in the coupe – albeit in a rather awkward, silver design.

Audi Quattro edition speciale
The initial ownership of my Quattro. Could be 2011 or 2012.

The ‘Steingrau’ metallic matches the amber just fine, so these turn signals were put in place. The Polk Audio speaker grilles got changed for those for the marine segment, painted matte black to match the interior and 80s design better. Exhaust was old and bent and popcorn-welded, so I opted for the Milltek classic resonated item. 2,5″ is more than adequate for a 10V road car. The 8J Ronals have been fitted with the available 225/50s, but I weigh them against a set of golden centered OZ split rims in 16″ for that color and nod to the BBS E50s. We’ll see…

Audi Quattro edition speciale
Edition spéciale – photo courtesy of S.O. Prestmo
Audi Quattro edition speciale
Edition spéciale – photo courtesy of S.O. Prestmo
Audi Quattro edition speciale
Edition spéciale – photo courtesy of S.O. Prestmo

The previous owner had sent this urquattro to a rather well-known audiostore to fit an upgraded stereo to it. I have no doubt it is high quality items used, but I never really settled on the Alpine head unit. Finally seeing the retro alternative from Blaupunkt, it was quickly exchanged, and looking far better.

Audi Quattro feat. Blaupunkt Bremen DAB
Business only. And a retromodern Blaupunkt…

Then after years of more or less stand due brake issues, the car started to be ready for the road, but age made it relevant to change the timing belt. Due circumstances, the local Audi dealership made that happen, but the joy was short lived. 45 mins after pickup, the pressure hoses popped off, leaving me roadside… If nothing else, it displays the car on OE Ronal 8J15 wheels with 225/50 tires.

Audi Quattro 'urquattro'
Summer of 2020
Audi Quattro edition Speciale
Autum of 2021 (shot with Samyang 35mm ƒ/1.4)