As initiated by Konrad Schmidt, the S2 coupé was sought after to compete under the more limited Group A-class of FIA. Thus, the engines were limted to (officially stated) 300 hp with the usage of turbo restrictors. Initially homologated for Gr.N, it later also came into Gr.A.

Schmidt argued for a bigger turbo than the road-going K24, but Audi was reluctant to let go of the road-going driveability of the production equivalent, and put their foot down. After all, the early years of the 1990s was focused more on asphalt racers, and rallying was a thing of the history.

The technical build of the S2 coupés from Schmidt was that of a “parts revival”. Suspension was sourced off Sport Quattro S1 and 200 Gr.A.
An interesting note is that the drivetrain – at some point – had it’s basis in the S1 and IMSA GTO gearbox and differentials, which is likely to believe was enabled as soon as the launch of six-speed gearboxes in the updated S2s of 1993.