Homologated with a new 2133cc engine, due new Group B regulations for turbofactor at 1.4. This made the rallye Quattro 2954cc as it ran a shorter stroke and wider bore than homologated, giving it 2110cc and a FIA-displacement of 2954cc. Most A2s used both the K26 and K27 turbos as the A1s did, but a new manifold and K27 turbo setup was used on the very last cars. Overall, the A2 had finally became a rather agile, lightweight (for a Quattro!) rally car, thanks to the chassis perfection built at Matter & Obermoser.

Engine: inline 5, alu-block, alu-head, 10V.
Capacity: 2110cc by bore 79,5mm x 85mm stroke
Compression-ratio: 6.5:1
Power: 360hp / 7000 rpms
Torque: 450Nm / 4000 rpms

Kevlar fenders, while bonnet, hatch, doors and sidewindows were made of plastic. Noticeable by two vents in rear fenders, and wider fenders
allowing up to 11″ wheels. First used at Corsica 1984 and last in RAC 1984.

0 – 100km/h in approx 4.5 seconds, topspeed at 185km/h (as A1)

Althoug all A2s had the 10 valved alu-engines, there is also rumoured there was one car featuring the new 20V engine later found in the rallye Sport Quattro, but I have never gotten around to seeing any evidence of it.