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This homepage was made to briefly present the different Audis that are built with turbocharged, inline five-cylindered engines. All in all this is regarding cars from Audi Sport, or homologation specifics made for street usage, from the happy 80s and mid 90s.

It all started around 2004 and is solely run on enthusiast basis after my deep dives into technical constructions and details in the Audi motorsport history. After some time, the content got more focused and the need for this domain arose. Despite the brand focus in this homepage, there are no economical benefits or relations to Audi AG as such.

A BIG thank you goes to everyone that has provided me information and offered exciting discussions, and that have given me access to their cars and histories. Without your support I would not have had the opportunity to run such a hobby.

I want to dedicate this homepage to the memory of my three I'd more than anything should have shared my passion with; Mathilde, Camilla og Theo - I miss you so!

Best regards, Ola LL

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