In many ways, the Audi 200 should have been the first model presented on this homepage, as the Audi 200 was introduced under typ 43, with the option of a 5E or the first turbocharged inline-five 5T. The 5T was the first 2.1 equipped with a Borg-Wagner KKK turbo delivering 170hp. These two engines was also optional after the introduction in 1983 of the next generation chassis, typ 44, and because the typ 44 was the first 100/200 to combine it with the quattro drivetrain, I position these after the ur- and Sport Quattros.

It was not until 1985 that Audi offered the quattro-turbocharged engine combination. At the same time the 5E was no longer an option, and furthermore the avant-version was introduced. The 200 had multiple combinations of 10 valved turboengines, and with the 1990/91 model there was also offered the 20V version taken from the urquattro and first generation S2, sporting 220hp.

Compared with the 100 the 200 has larger bumpers with turnsignals, which allowed single-piece headlamps. With the 20V the model even got round flares at the back, that was also featured on the special edition 200 Exklusive – which offered the 1B 200hp or the 2B 190hp engine.

Audi 100 Sport Exklusive

Audi 100 turbo quattro was a more expensive version of the 100, which made it into a in-between model compared to regular 100 and the 200. It’s appearance is exactly like a Audi 100, except for the rear fender-flares taken from the 20V, and features the ‘MC’ engine and quattro drivetrain.

Available engines:
2144 10V – KG – 182hk – 198x-1985
2226 10V – MC v1 – 165hk – 1986-1989.5
2226 10V – MC v2 – 165hk – 1989.5-1991
2226 10V – 1B – 200hk – 1988-1990
2226 10V – 2B – 190hk – 1988-1990
2226 20V – 3B – 220hk – 1990/1991